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Looking for bags and packaging supplies? We stock a great range of plastic carrier bags, poly bags, paper carrier bags, strung paper bags and other packaging and sealing solutions to suit almost any retail requirement.

Whether you wrap or bag your products, whether you need sealable or open bags, film fronted, transparent or opaque bags for lightweight or heavy products, whether you sell fruit and veg, meat, greetings cards, jewellery, cosmetics, fashion, toys, sweets, pet food, flowers, electronics, kitchenware, tools or hardware, we have a solution for you! And if you're not sure what you need, then we have the knowledge and expertise to advise.

Like any sensible retailer, we're very aware of the impact that plastic bags can have on the environment and, as such, stock several recycled plastic bag and biodegradable carrier bag products as well as more environmentally friendly paper carrier bag and strung paper bag alternatives. In relation to this, we also recommend that our customers take a look at our buyer guide page regarding the situation with carrier bag tax laws within the UK, Ireland and further afield and how they may already affect you.

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  1. White Patch Handle Carrier Bags

    Starting at: £4.06

    White patch handle carriers. Available in 2 sizes:

    • Standard - 375mm x 450mm + 75mm (15in x 18in + 3in)
    • Fashion - 550mm x 450mm + 75mm (22in x 18in + 3in)

    Sold in packs of 100.

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    How does it compare to a typical supermarket carrier?
    Proportions White Patch Handle Carrier Bag Typical Supermarket Carrier Bag
    White Patch Handle Carrier Bag Tesco Vest Carrier Bag
    Taller and wider than a typical supermarket carrier. On first impressions this bag may look slightly shorter than a typical supermarket carrier but this is only because a supermarket carrier has very long "vest" style handles.
    Size Standard = 380mm x 450mm + 75mm
    (15in x 18in + 3in)
    305mm x 483cm x 533mm
    (12in x 19in x 21in)
    Fashion = 550mm x 450mm + 75mm
    (22in x 18in + 3in)
    Thickness Standard = 27.5 micron
    (110 gauge)

    Approximately 35% thicker than a typical supermarket carrier.
    18 micron
    (72 gauge)
    Fashion = 30 micron
    (120 gauge)

    Approximately 40% thicker than a typical supermarket carrier.
    What does it look and feel like?
    Patch handle carrier bags combine good looks with quality and strength and are generally considered a step up from your average "vest" type supermarket carrier which favours function over form. This patch handle carrier is manufactured from a low density polythene which means it feels smooth and thick to touch when compared with a supermarket carrier. Low density polythene also lacks the noisy scrunch that is often associated with cheaper, lower quality carrier bags like supermarket carriers. As such, you'll find patch handle carrier bags are popular with retailers who want to suggest an air of quality about their products.
    What's it used for?
    A general purpose, good quality carrier bag, popular with fashion retailers and those selling quality product lines. Typically use for packaging skirts, shirts, trousers, knitwear and hats as well as toys and quality household goods.

    As the name suggests, owing to its wider dimension, this bag is particularly popular with fashion retailers and is ideal for suits, jackets and other bulky fashion lines. It's also frequently used for towels and bedding as well as numerous other bulky products where width is required.
    What do the dimensions mean?
    Let's take the the Standard bag as an example, 380mm x 450mm + 75mm (15in x 18in + 3in) means:
    • the bag width is 380mm (15in)
    • the bag length is 450mm (18in)
    • the bag has a bottom gusset of 75mm (3in)
    Still confused? Take a look at the diagram below:
    • A = 380mm (15in)
    • B = 450mm (18in)
    • C = 75mm (3in)
    Vest Carrier Bag Dimension Explanation
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