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Bags & Packaging

Looking for bags and packaging supplies? We stock a great range of plastic carrier bags, poly bags, paper carrier bags, strung paper bags and other packaging and sealing solutions to suit almost any retail requirement.

Whether you wrap or bag your products, whether you need sealable or open bags, film fronted, transparent or opaque bags for lightweight or heavy products, whether you sell fruit and veg, meat, greetings cards, jewellery, cosmetics, fashion, toys, sweets, pet food, flowers, electronics, kitchenware, tools or hardware, we have a solution for you! And if you're not sure what you need, then we have the knowledge and expertise to advise.

Like any sensible retailer, we're very aware of the impact that plastic bags can have on the environment and, as such, stock several recycled plastic bag and biodegradable carrier bag products as well as more environmentally friendly paper carrier bag and strung paper bag alternatives. In relation to this, we also recommend that our customers take a look at our buyer guide page regarding the situation with carrier bag tax laws within the UK, Ireland and further afield and how they may already affect you.

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  1. Low Density Polythene Bags 50 Micron

    Starting at: £6.72

    Clear polythene bags, suitable for food use as well as many other applications. Supplied in counter top cardboard box dispensers to prevent spillage.

    • 50 micron / 200 gauge high quality and durable
    • Ideal for food use
    • Low Density Polythene (LDPE)

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  2. Blue Mailing Bags

    Starting at: £8.37

    Blue permanent seal mailing bags with a 50mm lip containing a permanent seal adhesive strip to secure the bag.

    Our mailing bags are extremely popular with eBayers and other mail order specialists.

    Available in the following sizes:

    • 229mm x 318mm (9in x 12.5in) Per 100 (opening on 229mm side)
    • 305mm x 406mm (12in x 16in) Per 100 (opening on 305mm side)
    • 330mm x 483mm (13in x 19in) Per 100 (opening on 330mm side)
    • 432mm x 559mm (17in x 22in) Per 100 (opening on 432mm side)
    • 483mm x 737mm (19in x 29in) Per 100 (opening on 483mm side)
    • 711mm x 634mm (27in x 25in) Per 100 (opening on 711mm side)

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