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Heavy Duty Clothes Rails

A range of heavy duty clothes rails for all environments, from home use to retail and heavy duty warehousing and transportation applications.

In an era of cheap foreign imports, many retail supply companies mistakenly refer to their low cost imported garment rails as heavy duty. Whilst these types of rails certainly serve a purpose the simple fact of the matter is that they are not as heavy duty as you might expect or require. We know this because as a manufacturer we've worked with some of the UK's largest fashion brands to develop clothing rails that, owing to the high quality, hard wearing materials that we use, truly deserve the description heavy duty.

Our heavy duty clothes rails are designed to stand up to the rough and tumble fast paced environments of warehousing and transportation whilst also subtly fitting into more relaxed home and retail environments. So when we refer to our garment rails as heavy duty, we actually mean it.

Of course, we do understand that not everyone requires such heavy duty rails and as such, also stock a range of medium duty clothes rails (what most retail supply companies like to refer to as heavy duty) that are ideal for less demanding retail environments. Also be sure to take a look at our garment rail accessories which include replacement heavy duty wheels and promotional card holders that can be clipped onto all types of garment rails.

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  1. Heavy Duty Single Tier Clothes Rail

    Starting at: £30.96

    Our range of Heavy Duty Single Tier Clothes Rails are some of the strongest Garment Rails available. They are intended for commercial retail display but owing to their affordability they are also a popular choice for residential home storage. The strength of these clothing rails is only surpassed by our British made Ultra Heavy Duty Clothes Rails.

    These Garment Rails do not require any tools for assembly. All parts slot together and can be ready for use in 30 seconds flat!

    All our Heavy Duty Clothes Rails are supplied with wheels (4 x 2 inch castors) which make them very easy to move and reposition.

    Our Clothes Display Rails are supplied with a high quality black powder coat finish which makes them ideal for use in retail environments.

    • Available in the following sizes: 4ft x 4ft (junior size), 4ft x 5ft, 6ft x 5ft and 6ft x 5ft (dimensions refer to width x height)
    • Extremely durable, heavy duty rails for commercial retail display or home storage
    • Very affordable with next day delivery available
    • No tools required for assembly. Rails slot together in less than 1 minute
    • Wheels are included enabling the clothes rails to be easily moved and repositioned
    • Replacement heavy duty wheels are also available

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