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Large White Christmas Carrier Bags Front
Large White Christmas Carrier Bags 100 per pack

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Large white vest carriers with Christmas tree print design and "Merry Christmas" message beneath, 17 micron.

Sold in packs of 100.

Dimensions are 330mm x 483mm x 584mm (13in x 19in x 23in). What do these dimensions mean?

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How does it compare to a typical supermarket carrier?
Proportions Large White Vest Christmas Carrier Bag Typical Supermarket Carrier Bag
Large White Vest Christmas Carrier Bag Tesco Vest Carrier Bag
Almost identical to a typical supermarket carrier but with very slightly narrower handles and a higher neckline.
Size 330mm x 483mm x 584mm
(13in x 19in x 23in)
305mm x 483cm x 533mm
(12in x 19in x 21in)
Thickness 17 micron
(68 gauge)

Approximately 5% thinner than a typical supermarket carrier.
18 micron
(72 gauge)
What does it look and feel like?
Like a supermarket carrier, this is a vest carrier bag which refers to the vest shaped appearance of the bag. It's manufactured from a high density polythene which means it's scrunchy and thin to touch, just like a supermarket carrier. And just like a supermarket carrier, these bags are primarily designed for function over form. It's rare that you would find this type of bag in high end boutiques but you'll be sure to find them in the vast majority of high street stores.
What's it used for?
This is one of our most versatile vest carrier bags and has a huge variety of uses. Perfect for food (fruit and veg, meat), towels and bedding, fashion (jackets, jeans, knitwear, hats, handbags), shoes, haberdashery (wool, fabrics), tools, pet food, books and bedding plants.
What do the dimensions mean?
330mm x 483mm x 584mm (13in x 19in x 23in) means:
  • the bag width is 330mm (13in) but expands outwards to 483mm (19in) when the gusset is fully opened
  • the bag length is 584mm (23in)
Still confused? Take a look at the diagram below:
  • A = 330mm (13in)
  • B = 483mm (19in)
  • C = 584mm (23in)
Vest Carrier Bag Dimension Explanation
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Large White Christmas Carrier Bags 100 per pack

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