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  1. PrintStar ZM 6 Digit XL Print Price Gun Print Sample

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    Step 1Choose your price gun model

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    This price gun also includes 10 free rolls of permanent white labels (15,000 labels) in the box!

    Step 2 Choose optional ink rollers

    Add extra ink rollers if required (optional).

    Introducing the all new PrintStar 6 Digit Extra Large Print Single Line Price Gun, great for pricing, dating and batch numbering.

    The PrintStar ZM 6 Digit price gun features extra large print, double the size of a typical labeller! Click here for more about this special feature.

    The PrintStar range of price guns are high quality and extremely durable Italian made labellers, ideal for heavy use, high volume labelling applications. We're so confident of PrintStar's quality in fact, that we offer a 1 year warranty on all PrintStar labellers!

    The PrintStar ZM 6 uses a 26mm x 16mm rectangular label (10 free rolls of labels includes in the box). We stock a comprehensive range of replacement Price Gun Labels and Ink Rollers for this labeller.

    You have the option to customise this kit to add any number of additional ink rollers.

    Full specifications are listed in the table below as well as details of exactly what's included in the box. Also take a look at the character set which shows a list of the printable characters and digits for each model.


      PrintStar ZM 6 Digit 2616 Price Gun
    PrintStar ZM6 2616
    Label type

    21mm x 16mm Label
    26mm x 16mm Rectangular (CT7) Labels
    (1 preloaded roll of 1,500 permanent white labels plus 10 more rolls of permanent white labels [15,000 labels] included in box, see full details of box contents here)

    Ink roller type

    Klik / PrintStar Ink Roller (1 preloaded ink roller plus 1 spare included in box)

    Actual print sample

    PrintStar ZM6 2616

    Number of digits

    6 digits
    Click here to see the full character set

    Number of print lines

    1 line


    Pricing: up to £99.99 or 999.99 without the currency symbol.
    Dating: in the format DDMMYY, e.g.: 210912 (21st of September, 2012).
    Batch Numbering: 6 digit numeric only batch numbering, e.g.: 123456
    Click here to see the full character set

    Currency symbols

    £ (pound), p (pence), (euro) and $ (dollar)
    Click here to see the full character set

    What's in the box?
    • Price Gun
    • Preloaded roll of 1,000 permanent white labels
    • 10 free rolls of permanent white labels (15,000 labels)
    • Preloaded ink roller plus 1 spare in box
    • Instructions (in box)
    Suitable uses

    This is a heavy duty price gun ideal for heavy use, high volume labelling applications. This type of price gun is well suited to small, medium and large retail and warehouse environments where reliability and sturdiness are essential.

    Body colour



    1 year warranty is included as standard.

    Instruction manual

    Digital instructions not currently available for download. Instructions are included in box.

    Product video

    Product video not currently available.

    Special Features
    Extra Large Print

    PrintStar ZM6 Large Print ComparisonMake your prices stand out with the double sized print of the PrintStar ZM6 labeller as demonstrated in the picture! No other price labeller on the market offers such a large print.

    Adjustable print head

    Adjustable Print HeadAs demonstrated in the picture, an adjustable print head allows for printing at the top, middle or bottom of the label, ideal if you are purchasing this labeller for use with labels that have a shop name, brand or slogan printed on them.

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