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Uno J 20 Digit 2 Line Price Dating Gun
Uno J 20 Digit 2 Line Price Dating Gun Kit
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The Uno J 20 Digit Double Line Price and Dating Gun is an incredibly versatile labeller, great for any manner of double line labelling applications including batch numbering, dating and pricing.

The UNO J Series range of price guns are the ultimate in high quality and durable Italian made labellers, ideal for heavy use, high volume labelling applications. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed by the quality of these price guns which is immediately obvious the minute you pick up an UNO labeller.

UNO J Series price guns feature an easy load label system that will save time when loading replacement labels which can often be a fiddly task with some price guns. You can read more about the UNO easy load label system below.

You have the option to customise this kit to add 10 extra rolls of labels (click here to see your label choices) and / or any number of additional ink rollers.

We also stock a comprehensive range of replacement Price Gun Labels and Ink Rollers for this labeller which can be purchased separately.

Full specifications are listed in the table below as well as details of exactly what's included in the box. Also take a look at the character set which shows a list of the printable characters and digits.

In addition to all this, for a closer look at this labeller why not download the digital instruction manual.


  Uno J 20 Digit Price Gun
Uno J 20
Label type

26mm x 16mm Label
26mm x 16mm `rectangular (CT7) Labels
(1 preloaded roll of 1,000 permanent labels included in box, see full details of box contents here)

Ink roller type

Uno Ink Roller (1 preloaded ink roller plus 1 spare included in box)

Actual print sample

Uno J 20 Print Sample

Number of digits

20 digits
Click here to see the full character set

Number of print lines

2 lines (10 digits per line)


Pricing: up to £999999.99 or 9999999.99 without the currency symbol.
Dating: in the format 01MAR2015, e.g.: 01/03/15 (1st of March, 2015).
Batch Numbering: 20 digit numeric only batch numbering, e.g.: 1234567890 (10 digits per line)
Click here to see the full character set

Currency symbols

£ (pound) and (euro)
Click here to see the full character set

What's in the box?
  • Price Gun
  • Preloaded roll of 1,000 permanent labels (colour may vary)
  • Preloaded ink roller plus 1 spare in box
  • Instructions (on back of box)
Suitable uses

This is a heavy duty price gun ideal for heavy use, high volume labelling applications. This type of price gun is well suited to small, medium and large retail and warehouse environments where reliability and sturdiness are essential. The easy load label system is well suited to both first time and experienced users and will help reduce label loading time and label wastage.

Body colour

Grey / Black.


1 year warranty is included as standard.

Instruction manual

Click here to download the digital instruction manual for this labeller.

Product video

Product video not currently available.

Special Features
Easy load label system Easy Load Label System

Save time and stress when loading replacement labels into your UNO price labeller!

The easy load label system means you simply feed the labels through the gun, pull the trigger a few times and the internal mechanism does the rest.

This is a great time saver and will also help to reduce label wastage. Any seasoned retailer will recognise the value in such a great and easy to use system which replaces the often fiddly task of lining up labels onto a sprocket system like old fashioned film loading cameras.

Adjustable print head

Adjustable Print HeadAs demonstrated in the picture, an adjustable print head allows for printing at the top, middle or bottom of the label, ideal if you are purchasing this labeller for use with labels that have a shop name, brand or slogan printed on them.

Full Specification

Full Description

Uno J 20 Digit 2 Line Price Dating Gun Band Character Layout

Line 1 / Line 2

Line 2 / Line 1


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